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Blog Post #13

pic of an empty college classroom
                                                           A Vision of Students Today
     This is one video every teacher should sit down and take a look at. It opens up many  new ideas on how we could make teaching a better experience for the students. Most of the questions teachers wonder about are answered in this video. The video shows teachers were to focus most of their attention and time in the classroom. Most of the time is being wasted on lectures  that have nothing to do with everyday life.

     The University presidents should sit and take a good look at this video as well. It would show them were most of the school funds should be going. Instead of buying all those school books, that money should be going on lab tops and portable tablets. Hundreds of dollars are spent on books and are never even used. Most of these problems can be fixed, the question is when.

     Michael Wesch and the students of Introduction to Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, make some great points in this video. There are lots of worthless teaching going on in classrooms. We as students need to speak up and let our opinion be heard. We sit in these large classrooms everyday were the teachers don't even know our names. Most of the lessons don't have anything to do with everyday life problems.

     We use our technical devices far more than we open or use books. Most of our time is spent on social networks sites like facebook and tweeter. With this being known, more of our lessons should be done through online sources. Most of us will be in over $20,000 of debt after we graduate because of schools wasting our money. By knowing this we should not have to waste money on books and any other worthless items. I feel there is to many teachers still stuck in the past with those old teaching ways.

     Technology is rapidly growing and if our schools don't push for changes we will not be ready for jobs in the near future. Most of the jobs we are in school for will not be available when we graduate. Computers have became a large part of  job fields in the world.

Final Report on PLN

My PLN  in is increasing more and more each day. I have enjoyed  having all my networking

in one place. I'm so happy that I don't have to open so many windows when interacting in

each one. This PLN is a great source. I told my wife about it and she has started one as

well. I love my PLN experience.

C4K Summary November

C4K Summary for November



C4K #7


My student visited St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra.  They discussed different situations of education in Ireland.


I commented:  I can't believe Ireland only takes the top 10% of the country into its elementary programs. I think it's kind of unfair to the rest of the country. I began to wonder do we as Americans take our education seriously. I mean someone really thought that through. This blog had really got me thinking about our country.

I really enjoyed all the pictures in the blog. I think Ireland is cool. I'm going to do some research about Ireland very soon.


C4K #8


My student was Quinna. She talked about animals of the grassland.  She really enjoyed them and her studies about them.


I commented: Hi my name is Byronn Brye and I am an EDM 310 student. I think your post was great. I enjoyed learning about the animals and the grassland. It's interesting to know what animals live there. Keep up the good work.


C4K #9


My student was Miguel G. He talked about the types of tricks he could do. He said that he could put his feet in the back of his head and a lot more things that flexible people could do.


I wrote: Miguel how did you come up with this. You are a very flexible person. Have you ever tried gymnastics? You make be a great acrobat. I’m sure there is somewhere you may use that talent you have.


C4K #10


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Progress Report on Final Project

My group will be meeting this week to discuss our final efforts for our project. We will also be completing it early this week.

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Blog Post #12b


                                                                     Physical Education
     Physical Education ts a very important part of our everyday lives. Being fit helps to live a longer and healthier life. A child that is in shape tends to be more focused and has lots more energy during the run of a day. Also, health problems like Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease comes from being overweight. Children that have at least 60 minutes of developmentally appropriate activities a day seem to have a better management of their weight control.

     Physical Education is a required course in all schools across the nation. Adults as well as children, need some sort of  physical activities to live a healthy life. Even though it is required, everyone does not take exercise very seriously. By overlooking the required physical activities that should be done American's are becoming over weight. The number of obese children has doubled since 1980. Getting the correct exercise does not have to come from just running. There are many ways to enjoy putting the correct physical time in daily. You can ride a bike or play a sport like basketball to get your required physical active time in your routine.

Blog Post #12a (instructions)

Blog Post #12 Due 11/18/12

1.) Watch this video Physical Education2:08

 2.) Write a post in which you discuss the importance of Physical Education. Comment on what you have seen in the video. Discuss the benefits of Physical Education. Follow the requirements in Writing a Quality Blog Post

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Summary Post C4T Teacher #3

C4T #3

The author of this post is about to begin a  six year study focusing on different areas of learning. In the first year they will focus on how our learning environment helps us to learn. The second year they will investigate the qualities of effective learners and how these can help us learn, individually and collaboratively. Year 3 will explore the information process… how we decide what we want to learn, formulate questions, locate, organise and evaluate information. Year 4 will inquire into what it means to be organised and how this can empower us, not just in our learning, but in life. Year 6 will explore individual and group decision-making and its impact, personally, in the classroom community and working outwards towards their study of government.

I commented:I find this to be very interesting. I'm so anxious to see how this actually turns out. I think it’s going to be a great process. I agree with anything that helps the learning process.

C4K Summary for October

C4K #3

I commented on Kiana. The title of her blog was PWA, Quality of Life. She discussed the how hard it was to be a PWA student, and how she was trying to get into the swing of things. She also touched on how important it was to have school sprit and cheer for you school teams.

I commented: You are right about having someone cheering for you, even if you are not the best player on your team. People cheering can make a person very happy. Keep up the good work.

C4K #4
The post was on corruption in the government. Also talked about how globalization can lead to poverty.  

I commented: You made some interesting statements. With all of this corruption going I think back to the old saying “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” I think your post was great and I really enjoyed reading it. Maybe it can be read by some people that care enough, and are in a high enough power to make a change for the better.

C4K #5
I commented on Nancy Drew. She’s in 6th grade soccer player. She is from Canada, and she discussed loving her friends. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She thinks that her learning experience with blogs is wild.

I commented: Those were some amazing pictures. Keep up the good work. You have a bright future ahead of you.

C4K #6
I commented on Jared’s English 7 Blog. He discussed reading books and not leaving them on a shelf. He suggested we check out a book, read it, and then post to his blog.

I commented: I think that is a great idea to suggest you blog reader’s check out a book. The idea of someone so young being so enthusiastic about reading is great. You did a great job Jared! 

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Blog Post #11

                                        picture of kids text little kids big potential' Tittle
                                                                 Little Kids Big Potential

     Ms. Cassidy has some great  ideas when it comes to teaching our young kids technology. Computers have  become mandatory to learn how to use in today's world. Ms. Cassidy is teaching her students how to write great blog posts on their page very early in their learning career. Other skill have to be taken into consideration when commenting on blog posts. When making comments, you have to know how to comment on  posts without saying hurtful things. Web pages are also very useful to use in classrooms. These pages can be used to research any information you are looking for background information on.

     Wiki is another great computer site that can be used in research. This site allows you to ask any other people around the world their input

 on a certain subject. Skype gives you the ability to have group discussions and meetings without actually meeting face to face. Ms. Cassidy was rite on time when she said kids should not push technology aside, but take it very seriously. Technology should be one of the main focuses in every teacher's classroom.

     Looking at all theses skills Ms. Cassidy talked about in her videos makes me really think long and hard. In my future class room I can't see myself not using any of these great tools. I would strongly encourage everyone to adopt all of these skills into their classrooms. They will help the teacher communicate with the students and also would cut back on the actual in class time. By using tools like Skype, I could make sure all my students got there instructions for work even if they were not present in the classroom. These tools would  surely be something I would surely use in my future classroom.

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Special blog assignment

                                        red circle reading free education for all
         A world where grades will be left behind

     Sebastion Thrun, a professor at Stanford University in PALO ALTO, California has some great ideas to share with us. He starts off by saying education should be free and available to anyone. In his close to perfect world, no one would ever be late for class. On another note, he said that learning should be as fun as a video game. Thrun taught a free online artificial-intelligence course to more than 160,000 students. This method is also called flipping your classroom and introducing the students to more computer assignments. This also helps educators to update there teaching skills to meet the needs of today's computer driven world.

     In my opinion, Sebastion Thrun presents some great ideas to really consider using. I could surely see this method working wonders for classrooms all across the United States. Just think of the endless possibilities if everyone could earn a free education. There are lots of people that want to father their education, but they just can't afford to do so at this time. If schools would adopt Thrun's ideas students would love to come to school because it would be fun to them. When learning is fun, you can encourage more students to attend because it becomes exciting to them. I hope that one day Thrun's idea are introduced to schools all across the nation.

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Blog Post #10

                                               I'm a Papermate. I'm a Ticonderoga.
     The cartoon by John T. Spencer, is really a great comparison between the PC and the Mac computers. Yes, the PC is a lot cheaper but it is no way in the same class as the Mac. The Mac can do things that a PC can only dream of doing. For one the Mac makes movies so much easier than struggling to do so on a PC. If you ever use a Mac u will never want to go back to a PC ever again.

                                                 Why Were Your Kids Playing Games

     Going straight by the book in classrooms my not give the students the best way to learn. The problem is that some people in the school system are so afraid of trying new methods. They have been stuck in the past for so long, till it is nearly impossible to help them move forward. Putting lesson plans in to games will help the students remember and understand what  the lesson plan was about.

     I believe using games in a classroom would be a great teaching method to use. By grabbing the attention of the students, this will allow the classroom to flow in a positive direction. Being able to keep the students focused, has become one of the biggest problems we encounter in classrooms today. Sometimes, if you are trying to move in the right direction there are going to be people that want to to hold you back. Some of our educators get in trouble trying to force material into the students heads. With games in the classrooms, the students will have fun learning

                                               Mr. McLeod's post

     I agree with Mr. McLeod's post on technology. Letting the kids learn on the internet is a great way for students to see just how the real world is. Why would we want to hide the truth form our students and future adults. Computers are taking over the world at such a alarming rate, till every student will have to have some kind of understanding of technology. The world is moving in a technical direction, and so should our educators.

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Project # 10

I decided to use Symblos for my PLN. I have included all my social networks, and other sources I use as well. I also have links for Edm310 and Blogger. I found using this website very interesting. I know I will enjoy this website. I am eager to see it as it grows.

C4T #3 & #4 Summary

C4T #3


What Ed Said spoke of a theme box his family kept. In this theme box was article, pictures etc. He didn’t recall caring about the content or wondering about its relevance. The author then began to speak about geo-literacy. The central idea is: Understanding the interconnectedness of the world empowers people to make informed decisions for now and the future. They have, however, articulated some desired conceptual understandings for students to reach, as they explore the big idea through the lenses of connection and reflection.


I agree that engaging with and learning from people in other places helps us understand our interconnectedness. I also agree that individuals and countries are interconnected in many ways. It's great that Skype allowed them this experience. I really thought the invitation to other classes to engage with your class was a good idea. The students should find this very interesting.

C4K #4

Frank Buck was my teacher for C4K #4. He gave a link to get small clickable buttons to take my readers to my other outlets. He tittled the post Get Organized. Such a good tittle.

I commented: My name is Byronn, and I am a Sophmore at University of South Alabama College in Mobile Al. I think that is good information that you shared. My class had to do a PLN which was similar I think. Educational Media is so cool. I never thought so much media would be a part of teaching. I really like learning educational media.

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Blog Post # 9

                                                         What I've Learned This Year (2008-09)

In Mr. McClung’s first year of teaching, he started out in Noel, Missouri as an elementary teacher. He came into the school with the wrong state of mind on how to be a great educator. Worried about what his superiors thought of his lesson plans, he steered away from making his students his first priority. Mr. McClung also had to learn that there is no such thing as a perfect lesson plan. You are only human and you are going to make mistakes. Mistakes are a very important stepping stone on the process of becoming a great educator.

Something else McClung also learned was the very important skill known as communication. No student relationship with his teacher will ever blossom without having great communication with each other. Being on the same page as your students makes all the difference in the world. In becoming a great teacher, you have to be able to recognize and help keep your students in some sort of comfort zone. With computers becoming a must have in the world, teaching technology is also mandatory in today’s society.
Teaching computer skills is a learning process for the students and the teacher. By that being said, teachers can’t be afraid to fail. Great educator can’t ever stop wanting to keep learning and better themselves.

I feel that Mr. McClung is no different from the average first year teacher. With the way things are changing in the world a future educator really dosen’t know what to expect in the future. As future educators, we must keep our heads clear and be prepared for what ever changes come our way. Reading Mr. McClung’s post really gave me lots of ideas that I can take into my future classroom. I also learned how a great relationship with your students can become so helpful.

                                               What I’ve Learned This Year- Volume 4

Mr. McClung use to worry about what his superiors thought of his teaching methods. Now that he got over that, he is starting to worry about what his peers are thinking of his teaching methods. Quickly realizing the only ones that really mattered to him are his students. He knows that as long as his students are enjoying his teaching skills then he is still on the right track.

Mr. McClung found himself repeating the same lesson plan he had been using for the past 3 years. He felt that his lesson plans had became routine like tying your shoes laces every morning. Before long, Mr. McClung was exploring other courses to expand his knowledge into. He knew he had to stay excited in order to keep the students wanting to learn. He was the first to realize that his lectures he was giving had become lazy and boring.

 I agree with what Mr. McClung wrote in his post number 4. You can’t worry about what other adults say about how you’re handling your business. There are lots of people in the world that feel if it isn’t done their way then it’s not right at all. Also if you don’t want to continue to learn and challenge yourself to get better you will not succeed in nothing. Your goals should be set high, even if you feel they are out of reach. Being stuck in your old ways and not wanting to open up and try new things only hurt your students in the end.

C4T # 1 & 2 Summary


Cooperative Catalyst Educators talked about what kids could do if they weren’t assigned so much homework. They felt like kids didn't learn as well due to so much homework. Kids could use all the extra time to study. A small study was done and proved that when kids aren't loaded down with homework their grades were much better


I totally agreed with homework being deleted. My wife is in nursing school, and she has huge amounts of homework each day. She doesn’t get much rest, because she also has to study after completing her extensive homework. I believe studying is more important than doing homework in most situations.


C4T #2

For the Love of Teaching talked about the importance of listening. They preferred to teach the skill of listening separate from the skill of focusing. They wrote" Young children's listening and speaking competence is in advance of their reading and writing competence". Once a child is aware of listening as a specific skill, he or she is able to be metacognitive in its application.


I know that listening is a very important component. Listening does help with other areas of development. Listening skills are very useful in day to day life as well. It’s important for teacher to be very careful when teaching the skill of listening.

Project #12

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Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream

Watching Richard Miller’s : This Is How We Dream was a great experience. It shows just how far technology has advanced in the world. I also was amazed at how great a research paper or report can turn out using multi-media. Multi-media will change how all reports and papers will be done in the future. Using paper to write or draw pictures will quickly become a trend of the past.

I can see multi-media taking over our very stubern school system in the future. It leaves so many opperitunities open to better our work in class. Also, it allows you to communicate with the entire world in seconds flat. Just think, by the press of a single button you can be connected to the entire world sharring ideas and thoughts.

Richard Miller makes me realize that this mlti-media is a must to learn if you plan on becoming a future educator. In my classroom, students will defently have to learn method called multi-media or composing. Multi-media also will make teaching so much fun and very interesting to the students. Keeping the students interested equals a very successful classroom.

Blog Post 12

Carly Pugh’s blog post was nothing short of amazing. The reason I liked her post so well, was because of all the interesting links that she provided. Carly Pugh comes very close to Dr. Miller’s hopes of writing with multi-media. She uses her blog to post assighnments and also to get her leasson across. By doing so, she is using her blog post for a social networking tool. Just like Dr. Miller, I agree that multi-media is a fun a great way to learn. With Carly using multi-media, she was able to gain my unaided attention. She kept me wondering what was coming up next. Gaining and keeping the attention of your students helps everyone to be successful in the classroom.

Learning to Change, Change to Learn

Schooling in today’s society will have to learn how to make changes to move forward. I feel that technology has become a must in the school system. Taking away smart phones and any technology tools are hurting our students. In today’s society, technical devices play a very large role in learning hoe to network. Teacher’s will have to be thought how to teach their students to become technology literate. By the teachers never having to learn these skills, it will be a learnig process for both the student and the teacher. The way to world and computers are headed, these changes will have to come sooner than later.

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Blog post #7

The Networking Student
Hi, my name is Byronn Brye and I feel networking has become a mandatory learning tool in the 21st century. Networking can be useful in many different ways and situations in today’s society. One way it can be useful, if you are a student that misses a lot of lecture time it can save your grade. Networking will allow you to still get all your assignments done because you have the power to do them anytime before your due date. Just like in my EDM 310 course, networking is very useful because I run a tight schedule.

Network learning has endless possibilities and countless ways of getting a lesson plan to your entire classroom, without ever seeing them face to face. In my opinion, there is no tool that is more useful than networking in the 21st century. Teachers and students are building a great relationship by using the networking system. It gives the students more flexibility to carry out everyday things and still have time to finish the work for school. Being able to open up our lesson plan any were assures there is no excuse not to do your work. The teacher also benefits because he or she can give the lesson to the class without even leavening the house.

At the end of the movie there is a great question asked. I feel the question was answered very well. Why do we need teachers,  is a great question to ask. In my opinion, the teachers would know more about the lesson plans than the students. There would come a time, when you ask the teacher a question, and they don’t know the answer. That’s when the teacher and the student must get together, and learn the answer to what ever the question asked.

                                          A 7th Graders Personal Learning Enviroment

After watching the PLE of the 7th grader, I found lots of similar characteristics in our work. I just did a PLE with my group called BAJA. We are a group from EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Our PLE was done mainly on the same style as the 7th graders PLN. We used social networking communications such as face book to set up our group meatings. Most of our work just like the 7th graders PLN was done using no pencils or paper. Using the computer makes all your work look very professional.

Project #8 (part 2)

Project #8 (part 1)

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C4C Summary

End of term Olympics Unit

Ajani talked about the summer Olympics. She had thrown a real shot put, and vested a gymnasium. I commented “I think it's cool that you guys are learning about the Olympics! Wow, you got to throw a shot put. That had to be fun. I wished I could go to a gymnasium just like you did. “

The Armpit of Doom
The Armpit of doom was a poem used in the classroom. This classroom has a new poem each week to help with dyslexia and keep the kids engaged. I commented “I thought this was a great topic. Dyslexia is a big problem that needs to be addressed. I totally agree that it gets really difficult to keep reading the same material over and over due to lack of excitement. The Poem was very funny. I also agree that poetry helps the students with fluency, but it also will have them engaged and laughing up a storm!”

Blog Post # 6

pic of Randy Pauch smiling
Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture
Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch was a very interesting professor and human being. Even is the eyes of death, he could still put helping others to focus and pursue their goals in life. Setting goals help give the mind something to work towards so that your mind does not get boarded. If you don’t have goals then no matter how hard you work its all for nothing. Randy used lots of techniques that he used while at Carnegie-Mellon.

Randy Pausch stresses to everyone about hitting a brick wall. Hitting a brick wall brings you back down to earth. This allows people to understand just how badly you want something. Life is about choices; you can either keep pursuing your goal or lie down and give up. Most of us have dreamed of play professional sports at some period in our lives. Sports can teach more than how to throw a ball or run up and down a field. There are more important skills that can come from sports. Team work is a very important aspect that will be used in everyday life. Counting on your classmates to do a group project or co-workers at your job will all require teamwork in order to be successful.

Leadership is also very important in becoming a great educator. Gathering everyone’s attention in a classroom requires great leadership skills.  Maintain control over your classroom, because that makes it easier to get your point across to the students. Virtual programs make learning more interesting than listing and taking notes from a boring lecture. Getting all the students on the same page will also make bonding in the classroom easier. A close nit classroom tends to be more helpful to all the students because they don’t mind helping each other.

Randy Pausch made numerous amounts of great points though out his lecture. I agree that you must make learning appealing to your students. After watching Randy’s lecture I will have a far better approach towards any obstacle that I encounter in life. Not only can I use these skills in my classroom but in my classes that I am currently enrolled in now. The Entertainment Technology Center reminds me of my EDM 310 course a lot. They both are basically hands on and we learn as we go along.  There also is no use for the boarding method of paper and pencil.

Project #9

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog post #5

By watching The Ischool Initiative by Travis Allen, the argument about needing Ischool in class rooms was a great idea. Using Ischool would change the face of learnig as we know it in a positive way. Bringing Ischool in classrooms would be a very useful tool in todays computer driven world. I agree with Travis Allen and his idea to get rid of paper, pencils, and books in modern classrooms.

 By doing so we would leave a cleaner carbon foot print for the next generation of students. Another great point Travis makes is how much money is being wasted in our school system. Ischool would save at lease $450 per student per school year.

 In Zeitigeist Young Minds Entry, made by Travis Allen after he left high school shows how great his idea about Ischool became. Travis gained a lot of public awareness and fame from hid ideas. He opened the eyes and gained lots of respect of many educators by pushing technology into their classrooms. I think Ischool is great and I wish Travis Allen nothing but the best in spreading the power of Ischool.

 I was blown away by the organization and the use of the internet in Eric Whitacre's Virtul Choir. This shows the organization and the power of the internet in the world today. Just think, the internet can put a piece together like this, that makes the ideas of the internet endless.

 In the video Teaching in the 21st Century, by Kevin Roberts he feels teaching is far more than just presenting information or facts to a classroom. By this said, it is not enough in todays society to only lecture. Kevin feels that problem creating and problem solving is a far better technique to become a great educator. Learning Kevins technique will require the learning of computers. I feel this is a very useful tool in becoming a great educator in the future. Flipping the classroom is a great teaching tool to insure you have to classrooms attention. I really agree with the flipping method, it really does make learning easyer.

Flipping the classroom is very useful because I have instructors that use this method in there classrooms. The method makes you have a better understanding of the lecture in the classroom. Hearing the information over and over again helps me to remember the information better. Therefor I will surely use this method in may classroom in the future.

Project #6 This Is My Sentence (Video)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog post #4

different podcast channels

Hi my name is Byronn Brye and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. Reading about podcasting was very interesting in many different ways. Podcasting is a great learning tool to use in classrooms for students. For me, it is a great way to get my point across by being able to speak,  rather than write. The power of the voice far outweighs writing things down on paper. Listenig to your own voice really makes information stick in your head. Podcasting, as I seen in the video is great how it grabs the attention of the entire classroom. In my podcast, I  will surely have some great music playing in the background to grab the attention of my audience. The smartboard would also make a great tool to use in my podcast assignment. Seeing how affective these learnig tools were in making a good podcast, I can't wait to get started on mine.

Project #5

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Post#3

Peer Editing

Peer Editing can be helpful in many different ways. Depending on the way you use it, it can be very helpful or at the same time very hurtful. When Peer Editing, keep in mind that you reviewing your classmates. There are nice ways to tell someone how to better their work.

By saying this, it’s ok to correct and give advice in order to make a persons work better. This does not mean to pick every mistake you can find. Be nice with your comments when Peer Editing a persons work. It’s not how many mistakes you make, but can you train your self not to do them over and over again.

Technology in Special Education

Technology is great in all classrooms and in all grade levels. It helps students to learn more and take in more information than just lectures alone. Technology makes students want to learn. Making learning fun is a great way to push kids to greater levels of achievements.

Special Education students benefit even more from technology in their classrooms. It ables the students to complete tasks that would be almost impossible to handle without it. I love the idea of technology in Special Education classrooms. I strongly hope the school systems keep up the good work in expanding technology through out the schools.

How Ipads work with the Academics for Autism

The app I found that can be used in a class room with special need students is called First word Sampler. First word sampler teaches kids about letters, hoe letters relate to sounds, and even how to spell words. The game includes beautiful pictures matching with sounds to go along with the pictures.

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis has the write idea in making students technology literate in every way possible. I also agree that using computers over weigh the progress in classroooms over paper and pencils. Vicki Davis also talked about some very good points in the video. She said if you hear a word that you don't understand then you should Google the word. Make it your main objective to find out what the word means. When learning or teaching you can not be afraid to make a mistake.

Digiteen is a great way to communicate with lots of people everywhere. This allows the students to learn along with people from all around the world. No matters what part of the world you are from computers are the link between everyone. I really believe in what Vicki Davis is suing in her classroom. By her teaching technology to her students that will prepare them for the world in the near future.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Post #2

  Did You Know

Did You Know- by John Strange was a very interesting video. Most of the facts that was posted in this clip were very alarming. Like most of the people living in the United States, I cant believe another country would have just as many english speaking students as the United States. India has just as many honor students and they dont have a quater of the population as we have. The United States better get it together before we are found behind the world playing catch up.

I feel becomming a educator will require lots of learning computers. Computers have become the center of all learning in the world. Everywere you go there are computers being use. People in the world that dont have any knowledge of computers will sadly find their self out of work. After watching this video I feel that I am ready to accept the challenge of becomming a great educator.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr. Winkle Wakes- by Mathew Needleman:I found Mr. Winkles very amusing as well as informative. I really dont understand why he slept so long. He missed a great deal I advancement of technology. In the hospital he was very confused on the usefulness of the respirator. Only if he really knew how many life it has saved.

When he went to the school, he felt comfortable. He was in a zone where he could relate. This shows how far behind the school system is in todays world. There was only one computer in the whole class room, and there wasn't a person using it. School systems are stuck in the stone age with pen and paper.

The Importance of Creativity

The Importance of Creativity- by Sir Ken Robinson:Ken Robinson says that schools kill creativity. The way he explains it makes good sense. How can we educate our kid for a world that we really don't understand. The world is changing to fast. We really need to keep up in order to teach our kids.

Ken Robinson hinks that dance is just as important as math. In public education systems the most useful subject for work are at the top. They do this to meet the needs of indutrialism. He belives this is profoundly mistaken. We have to rethink the the fundamental principals on which we are educating our children.

A Day Made of Glass 2

A Day Made of Glass 2-is a very beautiful peice of work. Seeing the kids come to school so excited to learn was great. Having the glass pads makes learning a event that the kids will never forget. I think in the near future some of this technology will become posible to use in the future. This video makes me realize how important it is to get computers in each and every classroom.

The medical aspect of the video was very detailed and the glass technology would be a great help to the doctors as well. By useing the glass it would keep down the infection and the spread of germs. This glass technology would be great for the world in a good way. I hope that I am around to see some of this technology being use in the world.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog Post # 1

My name is Byronn Brye I was born in Mobile AL. I am 32 years old and come from a very teacher oriented family. I’m a Physical Education Major at the University of South Alabama. I chose the education field because my mother, my 4 aunts, and my 4 sisters are all currently in the teaching field. I also enjoy sports and what better way to interact with kids than teaching Physical Ed.

I hope to coach football in the future, because that is a life long passion for me. I enjoy all the P.E. courses that I have to take because they help me to get on the right track in getting physically fit. This will be a great experience for me and I am looking forward to the task. I am enjoying every aspect of being a college student.

  In watching Randy Pausch's Time management video I learned that good judgment comes from experience and experience come from bad judgment. I learned that planning is very important and it has to be done at multiple levels. Failing to plan is planning to fail. I found that drafting a "To Do List" helps to break thing down into small steps.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blog Post#8

search engines circling earth
Richard Miller This is How We Dream
 Dr. Miller, Dept. of English @ Rutgers University, challenges us to consider how writing has changed in the academic culture in response to technological advancements. He points out how today we have the ability to instantly collaborate and communicate globally, sharing ideas freely and push these ideas into our culture instantly. He states that this process in the "book" form would easily take two years! He thinks that we need to start producing compositions that are beautiful, compelling and pay attention to the auditory detail of the experience. This is something that he says is necessary if we are to argue for the humanities. Within 3 months this publication on youtube got 9,000 views. This is a way to push ideas into our culture. We need this type of composition. He can't imagine doing it himself, but there are people composing with the web itself. They don't use images or the alphabet. Teachers are needed to teach this visual literacy and many teachers aren't ready for this yet

 Carly Pugh Blog Post 12
 Carly is a true inspiration to others. Her dedication and enthusiasm for education shines throughout the entire post. Her assignment is very unique and seemingly, very productive. She created an assignment that would benefit students not only in this class, but also in the future when employers look at what kind of person they are. It's also an assignment that gets students more comfortable with Youtube and how to organize videos that benefited them.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Post #13

I tried to not use any electronic device and I was very unsuccessful in doing so. I found this basically impossible to accomplish. Electronic devices play a very important role in everyday life. Not to mention that my wife has been very sick last week and most of this week, so we had to have our iPhone to communicate. Either by Face-time or Tango Video chat when I'm away from her.  Every time I attempted to go 24 hours with no electronics, I would find my self texting or checking my gmail or video chatting to check on my wife.. I would be curious to know if there was anyone that was successful with this project.

This project made me realize how much I depend on my smart phone. My iPhone 4 has become a part of me and my life. I use my phone at least 20 to 30 times a day easily. If I could not have my phone for a hour I don't no what I would do.

1st progress report on PLN Project # 10

I started by using Symbaloo. I'm still figuring the rest out. Seems like its gone be neat though. I could really use something like this in my teaching career. Looking to figure it out soon.

Final report on PLN

I used Symbaloo for my PLN but i still can't quit figure this one out. This was a hard one. I was hoping that as time went by I would figure this out but I didn't. I'm going to keep trying though.

Project # 13

We had issues meeting up in the beginning. We started by emailing, then we met at the lab to throw ideas to one another. It was  difficult to coming up with what we thought would be the best topic for our project.  We decided on a topic, but it had flaws and  we  switched to something else. We found that texting was the fastest method for an immediate response. It is quick and easy to send then the other person can respond whenever they have a chance. Instead of meeting at the lab, we used Skype for one of our conference sessions. It was hard to get us all on the screen at once but we mad it work.

Final Project # 16

Reflective Video

Thursday, May 3, 2012

C4T Summary Post

My teacher was Dianne. She tittled her blog Dianne's Digital Discoveries. She alway would post alot of helpful links for education.

My name is Byronn Brye and I’m also a student in EDM 310 at University of South Alabama. Your resources are great and easy to use! I can’t wait to graduate and actually use some of your resources in my own classroom. I plan to be an educator not just a teacher.

Opening Smart notebook file of SMART Exchange on an Ipad

Comment #2
These are some very good links and I think they will be very usefull in my future as a educator. Each time I veiw your page I find lots of usefull infromation. I see that you value being a educator, and it needs to be more educators like you in the world. Its funny that you would post links about the smartboard, due to the facts that we are using it this semister. I was happy to see your post, it really gave me lots of great ideas.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post # 12

 pic of BMI APPI chose an assignment to find an Iphone app to help with Physical Education. I chose an app that is made by Data Supply and it's a BMI Calculator.

The steps would be as followed:

1)Log into ITUNES
2)Type BMI Calculator in search field.
3)Select and install the App.
4) Enter required informatiom to obtain BMI.
5)Write a summary on how this helped in your clasroom.

This App allows you to calculate your own BMI. It's a free App, and works great. This allowed students to see if their BMI was out of range. Students were so excited to find out about this. Most students installed the App immediately. I would say this was a complete success.

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts- Special Post #12A

Why am I not curious and how do we start to become curious? Being curious is a habit that people are born with. Most younger children are very curious and don't even realize it. They walk around touching everything they see and also ask lots of questions. We as adults need to get back to doing some of the same things. We need to understand that learning is all about asking questions and making mistakes.

Why should we model this behavior? In life being curious is how we've learned things. If we had never touched a hot object how would we know that it hurts. Also if we were to afraid to make a mistake how would we learn to correct things. Curiosity plays a very important role in being a great educator.

Why don't students pay attention or follow instructions? Sometimes students don't follow instructions because the teacher can be very boring. In order to make a lesson plan stick to the students it should be something in the plan that is exciting. We as educators have to get our points across in a more lively fashion. Just remember that your students curiosity is only as good as the instructor imagination.

What do we doubt about it? I feel I can sometimes be very curious person. My only down fall is that I have to be more open in my assignments. Understand that sometimes you have to dare your self to be different. Know that you have to be a risk taker and not so conservative all the time.
smiley face with the word Curious wrote under it

Progress on Final Project

Our group shuffled through several ideas before we came to, what we think, is the best one. We have been meeting at the lab, emailing and texting for a couple of weeks, pulling our ideas into one. Since EDM310 is a technology class, we think that it is important to get, first hand what teachers are lacking in the classroom. I am currently working on my part of the final project.

C4k Summary Post (April)

Week 1 Hebrew Song In history my student Drew was studying ancient Hebrews. He and a group of two other classmates were told to make a song. With Jeff, Jonathon, and Drew they made a song. I think the song is very creative. What inspired the words you and your partners used. It’s a little hard to understand what was being said in certain parts of the song, but overall you guys did a great job. I loved the beats in the song. It had a attention grabbing rhythm. Sounds like you all really enjoyed making this song. I bet your grade was awesome. Week 2 In week 2 My student raised awareness by logging on water. He had facts like: Every one hour 180 children die from water disease. Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water related illness. 3,575,000 people die each year from water related disease that is equal to the entire city of Los Angeles. I really thought your post about water was both interesting and educational. I see that you did some research. That’s always a good idea to help support your topic. When you said most people can’t live without water , that caught my attention. No person can live without water. Up to 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight, as is the brain; body fat contains 10% water and bone has 22% water. About 83% of our blood is water, which helps digest our food, transport waste, and control body temperature. Each day humans must replace 2.4 liters of water, some through drinking and the rest taken by the body from the foods eaten. So you see it is impossible to live without it. Week3 My student didn’t post, so I wrote a post encouraging him to write another post. My Name is Byronn. I commented on this post last week, and I was hoping that you would have another post this week for me to comment on. This post was so interesting and I could tell that you spent a great amount of time on it. I really enjoyed all the links within your post as well as the pictures. I just look forward to seeing you next great post

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post #11

cartoon teacher on laptop computer screen
Ms. Kathey Cassidy's first grade class seems to be interested in learning computers. Teaching kids how to use computers early in life is a great way to keep them ahead of there peers. By using the blog posts and accessing the internet parents can follow there kids every step of the way. I would definitely use blogging in my classroom in the future. Blogging makes the students and teachers job easier to manage. Technology is a very important part of everyday life. Blogging inspires students to want to do there work because there peers and the whole world can see there progress. Pencils and paper can not compare to the positive effects computers can have on students. No matter if texting on your mobile phone or Facebook it's all a part of technology. The teachers that don't want to accept technology will soon be left behind. Technology will become a required tool for teachers to learn in all levels of teaching. Ms. Kathey Cassidy's first grade class is all ready learning to blog and communicate through there computers. I hope to have computers at every students finger tips in my classroom. Taking EDM310 has been a great experiences for me and I will defiantly use technology in my classroom.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Post #10

 two hands holding a brain
Do you Teach or Do you Educate? My name is Byronn Brye and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I feel I educate rather than teach. The reason I feel the is way is because I love to offer advice but also love to listen and learn new things as well. Also, I like for people to look towards me for advice if i have a better knowledge on the situation that is at hand. If I don't understand the situation I will be willing to learn or gain knowledge along with my students. Loving to be a leader and not a follower makes people feel I am a good mentor. A mentor should be a open minded person that is always willing to consider new ideas. I also am willing to advise a person on what to so without trying to control there thoughts. By only advising this allows the student to think there problem through very careful. Trust is a major issue when you are in the educator field. Let your students know that you are not afraid to make mistakes.
Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home: Yes I understand what the post is saying, but I don't agree with the pencils being the problem. There are to many teachers that believe test scores are the most important thing in school. Test scores mean nothing if you don't learn the material and remember the material for later purposes in life. I don't think it is as important that students are playing hangman or writing with there pencils. If that how the entertain them self it is great. Sometime in low income areas pencils and other simple objects become great past time tools. Those pencils could be the reason the student does not get involved with the wrong people and get in trouble. With attendance in our schools dropping so very rapidly, it is great to see the students in class no matter what they are writing with there pencils.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog Post #9

Hi my name is Byronn Brye and I’m an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama. Mr. McClung made some very important points in his post: What he learned in his fist year of teaching. Learning is a very important part in becoming a great teacher. As a teacher or a student you can not be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn how not to make the same mistake in the future. The objective of teaching is to make sure your students are comprehend or catching on to the lesson plan. You must also keep an open mind and no that no one is prefect. The students are in your classroom to learn material that you already have a good idea on. It is great to have high expectations for your students but keep in mind they are students. Your job is to correct them when they are wrong and acknowledge when they are right. There are lots of grown people that are afraid of computers. I was one of those people until I took EDM 310. I realize that computers are taking over the world one day at a time. Mr. McClung came back and talks about how he had to make changes in his second year of teaching. In his second year he had a larger school distinct and he also started to teach 8th grade instead of 6th. By Mr. McClung having to make these changes this was another important step called adapting. Adapting plays a strong role in gaining a great understanding of your students and there surroundings. Teaching is a very hard job. You have to stay on your toes in order to keep your classroom interested in your lesson plan. There are ways to keep them focused by not becoming a control freak. Lots of teachers are guilty of trying to control them rather than to understand them. It is a good idea to take a look at yourself and learn to correct your problems, rather than blame everyone else.

Friday, March 30, 2012

C4T Teacher #3

Comment #1 Twitter I agree twitter chats are A great way to stay connected and informed in our professional circle. I like being able to communicate with my clasmates, family, friends and celeberties. Twitter is so neat tome. I’ve om=nly been tweeting since January this year so i don’t thinki’m using it tomy full potential. I’m a college student at the University of South Alabama and I take an educational Media class. When we watch different powerpoint about different people we have to see the author a thankyou tweet. My teacher is very creative. Comment #2 “Slideshows for Facebook, Twitter and blogs” I’m a student in EDM310 at the University of south Alabama. Your post was very helpful to me, since I’ve only been using the social networks for a few months. It was all so confusing to me in the begining. I’m getting better but not as good as I would like to be

Monday, March 26, 2012

C4K Summary

My first C4K of March was on Kaitlyn a fourth grader and her post was about 5 things what makes a great teacher. I thought it was really cute that she thought all teachers needed Starbucks coffee. One other thing she named was an educational tent her teacher created and I really liked that it a great way to do creative learning. My second C4K was on Drew. He is the student I will be blogging on for the next three weeks. He and two partners in his class made a song called the Hebrew Song. I really thought this song was creative and interesting. I would like to learn more about the construction of this song. I asked Drew what gave them ideas on the construction but I haven't gotten an answer.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blog Post #7

 picture saying Reach Out Teachers Network
Why do networked students even need a teacher? Hi,my name is Byronn Brye and I'm a EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama. I think that teachers are very important to have in the networking program. The only problem is the teachers must be technologically literate in order to teacher the students to there full knowledge. As we no that it is hard to teach someone something if you your self don't have a clear understanding. I believe that teachers in the 21 century have to have a great understanding of computers in order to be successful in teaching. With the world relying so heavily on computers, everyone will need to have a good understanding of computers. Networking is becoming a very important skill in order for students to become good teachers. Networking is also a great way to hold a meeting or get a point across to lots of people at one time. You can also share ideas with a group of people or your entire classroom. Networking is also a great way to hold conversations with people without meeting face to face. By watching this video on YouTube it makes me want to learn networking even more. Students need the teachers in order to correct problems and help them get better prepared for how to teach.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summary of C4T

Summary of C4T Lectures are beneficial, but only if the material is presented well and explained thoroughly. I agree with Mr. Young that the messenger is more important than the message. Dr. Mcleod grabbed my attention with the sarcasm and satire. If not caught it could give the wrong understanding of the topic. Sarcasm is pretty self explanatory, but on the other hand satire can be confused and not understood.

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
Randy Pausch is a lively and happy man even in the eyes of death. Although Randy did not have long to live, he still gave his lectures to help students and teacher get a better grasp on learning new technology. He was always smiling and seemed to be a very positive person to be around. Randy also makes a good point on the football concept. He said that his football coach had practice with no ball because only 2 maybe 3 players ever touch the ball. With that being said, there are 20 more jobs on the football field that don't require the football that have to be learned. Randy Pausch talks about other skills that are very important to consider in teaching. The next skill that was pointed out was called leadership. He used Captain James T. kirk of the star ship enterprise as a great example of leadership. Kirk had all the cool gadjets that it took to be the leader of the spaceship and the entire crew. There was also a point made about students not really knowing a lot about books. Books are becoming extinct due to all the ways they can be downloaded onto your computer from different web sites. Every thing from the lecture to the students assignments for the entire semester are being posted on sites for your entire classroom to view. By posting assignments on the internet, makes attending class sessions somewhat a thing of the past. Randy also mentioned that if you are mad at someone you just didn't give them enough time yet. He also says that there is a good way and a bad way to answer a question. Most teachers answer the questions the bad way because they don't have a logical answer for there students. Randy built a virtual world using 50 students from art, design, drama, and CS. Lots of schools are talking about turning labs and other class rooms in to virtual rooms. Randy was a great thinker that always had teaching on his mind. He was always trying to in store a better way of learning for students and teachers to get on the same page.

C4K Feburary's Post

My CK4 #1 was on a fifth grader named Marlene she was very bright. She discussed Witch Craft very briefly. CK4 #2 was on a forth grader by the name of Peterse. He discussed how he like playing with Lego's, and how he was trying to build a really big ship.I shared with him that my son also loves to play with Lego's. CK4 #3 was done on Igarcia and she discussed reading Dr.Seuss books. I shared my like for those books as well